304 stainless steel sheet application in industrial production and life

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304 stainless steel sheet application in industrial production and life

1. The basic properties of the stainless steel sheet 304

When considering the value of building materials, the two most important factors that are considered are the strength, the mechanical resistance and the machinability of the material. What are the outstanding features of 304 stainless steel sheet?

1.1 The physical properties of the stainless steel sheet 304

Hardness, high physical resistance: 304 stainless steel sheet has better elasticity than other stainless steel grades, so it can withstand a lot of impact environments. The highest elastic stress that Inox 304 can achieve is 1000MPa, this is also influenced by factors such as the number and shape of the material. 

Ability to keep material shape with high temperature: Inox 304 can keep its strength and rust resistance in the temperature conditions up to 870 degrees Celsius. At low temperatures, 304 stainless steel is stiffer but does not become brittle and brittle.

Magnetism: the magnetism of the stainless steel sheet 304 is very poor, you can almost not feel it. This is the advantage of ensuring the device's stability in operation without being affected by magnetism. However, under very high or very low temperatures magnetism is activated, equivalent to iron metal.

High corrosion resistance: 304 stainless steel has high corrosion resistance when exposed to a variety of chemicals, 304 stainless steel is resistant to corrosion in the textile industry, and most inorganic acids. Moreover, 304 stainless steel is resistant to rust in most architectural applications, in most environments of food processing, easy to clean,

Weldability: 304 stainless steel sheet is easy to weld, meeting almost all welding techniques, except for rock welding. However, the cutting ability of this Inox grade is slightly worse than other Inox grades. You can still overcome this disadvantage by using machine tools at low rotation speed with large inertia, combined with coolant.

High machinability: 304 stainless steel has good forming ability, can be laminated without heating. Therefore, in the production of stainless steel details, most things use 304 stainless steel.

In addition: 304 stainless steel also has good weldability, suitable for many different welding techniques.However, the cutting ability is less than Carbon steels, so when machining this material on machine tools Low rotation speed, large inertia required, cutting tools must be hard, sharp and do not forget to use coolant.

1.2 How is stainless steel plate different from other forms?

Finished stainless steel products always have many shapes when manufactured to apply suitable for each processing role. For example, in sheets, in rolls, in blisters, in slices, ... and 304 stainless steel are similar.

For stainless steel in the form of 304, due to its inlaid structure, its advantages of forming, durability and flexibility are maximized. Compared with the tube form, which is mainly the hardness and strength of the materials commonly used in construction, the 304 stainless steel sheet is used to cover machinery, helping to protect the machine from environmental impacts. rusting. When buying 304 stainless steel sheet, the price is also more economical when you buy 304 stainless steel slices by deducting the cutting tool.

2. The application of stainless steel sheet 304 in production

304 stainless steel plate is used in industrial production and in civil engineering, serving the family.

2.1 Application of stainless steel sheet 304 in industry

In heavy industry: 304 stainless steel is used in works of sewage pipes, oil pipes, clean water ..., machine details, precision mechanics, locations requiring corrosion resistance, anti-rust, chemical tanks, textile factories, food production lines, breweries, soft drinks….

In the light industry, stainless steel sheet 304 is used to make small components, requiring high strength, good rust resistance and good heat resistance. For example, parts for bicycles, motorcycles, air conditioners, ...

2.2 Application of stainless steel 304 in the family

Thanks to its high anti-rust properties, long-term durability, Inox 304 is used to make high-end kitchen equipment, toilet equipment, and sinks. In addition, thanks to its ease of machining and flexibility, this stainless steel grade is also used for interior decoration, civil construction materials, balustrades, corridors, artistic stylized decorations, ...

304 stainless steel sheet has many advantages and usefulness, right? Please contact us for advice if you want to order this product.
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