Inox bar and things you do not know in life

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Inox bar and things you do not know in life

In the period of industrialization and modernization today, choosing the best materials for interior architecture and construction is a matter that deserves special attention, especially construction engineers.

They have to calculate and think to find a material that is both aesthetically pleasing and solid for interior works. So they always decide to choose stainless steel bars to do these jobs.

What is stainless steel bar?

Stainless steel bar is a long, thin bar and usually has a rectangular shape. Each stainless steel bar will have a different thickness.

Inox bar has 2 main colors: yellow and silver with outstanding shine and durability. The bar is made from stainless steel, with an alloy consisting of the proportions of metallic elements such as: 8.1% Nickel, 1% Manganese, and 11% Chromium.

Other components of the stainless steel bar

In addition to the alloy including the above metals, the Inox bar also has other metallic elements involved, such as:

Iron (Fe)

- Is the first and most element in the composition of the stainless steel bar.

- Is a form of alloy with good properties of ductility and resistance that no metal can replace.

Carbon (C)

- As an important component of the stainless steel bar is effective against corrosion

It is present in various stainless steels with a low carbon content

Molybdenum (Mo)

- Although it is only an auxiliary component added to increase local corrosion resistance and prevent cracking, corrosion cracking

- Resistant to heat chloride when used well when used in marine environments (contains 2% Molybdenum)

- The higher the amount of Molybdenum, the higher the resistance to chloride is

The use of stainless steel bar

The stainless steel bar possesses a certain level of hardness and durability, and has excellent impact resistance. In addition, it is also resistant to corrosion, rust compared to other materials. Because it has high strength, it is often used in harsh environments such as near the sea, chemical treatment projects in factories, factories, factories, ...

Inox bar is also used to make frames, columns, ... to ensure solid works to help people live in a comfortable and safe space.

How many types of stainless steel bars are there?

On the market today, there are some good stainless steel bars, which are popular in the construction industry and crafting materials for life, such as:

304 stainless steel bar

Is the type of bar used in many architectural and interior projects

Stainless steel bar 201

Sticks are stable over time, not magnetic, but should avoid direct contact with acids or salts.

Inox 430 bar

Although it is susceptible to magnetism, and susceptible to environmental stains.

316 stainless steel bar

No magnetic contamination, can be used in any environment, regardless of environment with high severity.

If to design in industrial kitchens, engineers always choose the popular and popular Inox Type 304.

Stainless steel bar V

- Includes 2 ways to create together an angle like a V

- Consists of 2 main types: V casting Inox and V stamping Inox

- Cast directly from 2 types of Inox 304 and Inox 201, produce stainless steel, stainless steel plate, stainless steel coil so the angle is straight, pointed

- Pressed from stainless steel bars, stainless steel sheets or cut stainless steel coils

Solid stainless steel bar

- Solid stainless steel bar is a product used in machining and fabrication with many shapes such as round, hexagon, square,….

- Available in different sizes from 3 to 25mm and classified according to different steel grades

- High rigidity, good endurance and popularly used as spindle for heavy industrial machinery equipment.

Stainless steel bar color

- Produced by modern PVD vacuum technology

- There are many different colors such as yellow, black, bronze, rose gold, ...

- Satisfying the needs of interior, exterior, handrail, stairs, ...

- High durability, no rust, high wear resistance and easy cleaning and cleaning

Inox bar application to life

Inox bar, especially Inox 304 is a material with the most wonderful application value today. It also brings high value to the agriculture, industry, construction, interior architecture, ... to make life more comfortable.

From equipment and household items are made of stainless steel bars. Because, when replacing wood with stainless steel, it will not be susceptible to termites, durable goods, ...

In addition, 304 stainless steel bar has excellent forming ability, can be laminated without heating.

In summary, the above article I have shared for you, the first is what is stainless steel bar, second is the material structure and types, as well as applications in life. I hope with this article, you will feel the real use of the stainless steel bar in all fields and life.

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