What is stainless steel? Things you may not know about stainless steel

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What is stainless steel? Things you may not know about stainless steel

In the production activities as well as the human life today, stainless steel is very familiar. However, not everyone understands this material well, so let's learn the basic information of this material to understand what stainless steel is and be able to best apply it in life!

What is stainless steel?

What is stainless steel? Stainless steel is the name derived in French, can be understood as a type of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a form of iron alloy with very good strength, containing at least 10.5% chromium. The advantage of stainless steel is less color change as well as corrosion. Thanks to this feature, stainless steel is widely used in today's life.

How many types of stainless steel?

In fact, stainless steel has many types, but to make it easier to understand, stainless steel is classified into the main group as follows:

  • Ferritic: This type of stainless steel has the same mechanical properties as soft steel. So the popular stainless steel types in this group such as SUS 430, 410, 409 ... are used to produce household items as well as home appliances ...
  • Austenitic: With composition containing at least 16% chromium, 7% nickel and maximum 0.08% carbon, Austenitic is widely used for its ability to withstand corrosion and not be affected by magnetism. Especially with plasticity, easy to weld and bending, this stainless steel is very popular to produce boats, industrial pipes, home appliances ...
  • Austenitic-Ferritic (Duplex): This is a stainless steel hybrid between Austenitic and Ferritic with the short name Duplex. This is the most suitable alternative to using Ferritic or Austenitic.
  • Martensitic: This type of stainless steel has very good durability and hardness, so it can be used in many different fields such as blade fabrication, turbine blades ...
The basic properties of the stainless steel

With the following advantages, stainless steel has helped us to understand why this material is more and more trusted:
  • Application in construction activities
  • Many applications in the petrochemical industry, aircraft manufacturing ...
  • Used to make everyday utensils such as cooking tools, knives, scissors, home appliances ...
  • In particular, in food processing and preservation, stainless steel is also believed to be used with its ability to resist the invasion of bacteria.

How to identify real and fake stainless steel

Knowing how to distinguish fake stainless steel will help us become smart buyers. When the price of stainless steel is sold quite high on the market, it is inevitable that people take advantage of the stainless steel products to make a profit. Some characteristics can help identify real stainless steel as follows:

+ The color of the stainless steel is usually shiny, slightly opaque, smooth, smooth, and the fake stainless steel has a bright, matte surface, less smooth.

+ Good stainless steel is usually not magnetic or will be very little. So, when you put a magnet near it won't suck or suck very lightly. The fake stainless steel will be easier to attract the magnet because it is often mixed with too many impurities.

+ Real stainless steel surface will be less black. When using hot acid 70 degrees to test, real stainless steel will have no problem, the color will remain the same. Conversely, if it is plated stainless steel, the surface will quickly rust black.

Inox recycling process

Along with the scarcity of stainless steel production components such as nickel and chromium, the recycling of stainless steel products is increasingly applied. Did you know stainless steel is 100% recyclable, moreover we can recycle it many times without any loss of quality.

When recycling 1 ton of stainless steel, people can save 1100 kg of iron ore, 55kg of limestone and 630kg of coal. Of course, the nature and color of the recycled stainless steel will not be too different from the new stainless steel, so today people tend to use recycled stainless steel to contribute to saving resources that are gradually scarce.

Perhaps now you understand what stainless steel is, right? Understanding this material is also a way to help you choose the "standard" stainless steel items and support your life! Not only that, but this is definitely extremely useful knowledge, so definitely do not ignore the useful information about stainless steel and the related knowledge that we have provided!

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