The harm of poor quality stainless steel and tips to identify

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The harm of poor quality stainless steel and tips to identify

Inox has affirmed its position in a series of raw materials, the demand for stainless steel increased is also the time when many types of fake stainless steel appeared on the market. What harm will be the use of counterfeit stainless steel and is there a way to distinguish and avoid the case of "money loss"?

Quality difference

  • The aesthetics

Imitation stainless steel is usually steel, iron is covered with a thin layer of copper, or thin chromium. Therefore, products made from poor quality stainless steel often have poor aesthetics, shiny appearance at first, but after a period of use, they dull, change color.

  • Durability, sure

Because the main raw materials are steel and plated iron, it will affect the quality and durability of the product. It will not have the certainty of stainless steel over time but is corroded by external factors such as sunshine, rain, ... Being rusted so the product cannot keep its reliability, safety and aesthetics when use.

  • Adjective

One of the outstanding features of stainless steel is the absence of magnetic interference, it is very convenient, suitable, and supports many projects. In fake stainless steel, the property almost completely disappears because the plating is mainly from iron and steel.

How to distinguish good stainless steel and poor quality stainless steel

  • Rely on color

In general, the surface of good quality stainless steel has color thanks to it, while the color of fake stainless steel has a bright color.

  • Use a magnet

This is the simplest and most common way to distinguish real and fake stainless steel. Bringing the magnet near the stainless steel product, if there is suction and heavy pull, it means there is magnetism, which means it is not real stainless steel. Conversely, if the suction is very light and the pull is light, it is real stainless steel.

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